About Us

About Us is a bitcoin faucet, born from the idea of creating a platform that contributes to the progress and growth of this increasingly popular and highly controversial currency called Bitcoin. We think this strange but probably outstanding currency is rapidly changing the world’s financial system for good. From our experience in the cryptocurrency niche, bitcoin faucet is one of the best ways to get connected with people of different races around the world with the sole aim to learn, be learned and promote the growth of bitcoin far and large. We call this is a wow experience!

Our Expectation
It will be a great honour to us if one day our site is recognised as one the best in this niche. Our rewards will be very attractive and many rewarding methods shall be introduced as we grow, oh, but not without your support. It will gladden our heart so much that we are able to reach out to as many people as possible around world conveying the bitcoin news, touch lives for good, help people in any way possible provide useful information to our users and visitors remain serene and keep a good practice online.

Our Mission
With the support of micro-payment processor like as a correspondence between faucet owners and users, we at BitcoinLordz believe that the world financial institution will soon realise the importance of this currency and accept it into the financial system. BitcoinLordz has decided to take part in creating very strong awareness about bitcoin throughout the world. Our goal is to be able to put some smile in the face of many people in the world.

Our Objectives And Visions
1. To touch lives worldwide via Bitcoin Boom,
2. Spread the good news that is rapidly changing our financial world positively
3. Expand our reach to everyone around the world and be a source of their blessing and happiness.
4. Educate our visitors about the importance of Bitcoin in this time of economic recession and how they can change their lives with it.
5. Create source of revenue for others by offering free Bitcoin Cents. (Saatoshi)
6. Connect with everyone; users and faucet owners to collectively share ideas and suggestions that can foster widespread acceptance of the bitcoin cryptocurrency worldwide.

What We Promise You
BitcoinLordz look forward to serving every visitor on our site amiably and be of support where necessary. We’re working hard always to upgrade our service and maintain a good and solid relationship with everyone.

Your Responsibility
Your contribution to our growth is highly appreciated; you have to keep the community clean, serene and peaceful. Your suggestions and ideas are highly welcome. Please be part of OUR SUCCESS and not failure. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through any of our contact means on the site should you need any inquiry.
We thank you for trusting us.

Spread The Word And Lets Bitcoinise The World!