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Welcome To Bitcoinlordz Faucet. Stake Your Claims Every Hour, Spread The Word and Earn More.

 Get 100 – 10,000 Satoshi Every 10 Minutes

We are now paying through
You need to get an ePay account in order to enjoy a better user experience. If you haven’t done that – REGISTER HERE. Take Note That Payout Threshold is 10,000 Satoshis. 

How To Claim On Bitcoinlordz Faucet

Step 1 – Solve The Captcha
Step 2 – Enter Your Bitcoin Address Bellow.
Step 3 – Click On The Claim Button To Stake Your Claim.

Step 1 – Solve The Captcha
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Step 2 – Enter Your Bitcoin Address Bellow.

Earning And Payment On Bitcoinlordz Faucet
1. Earnings: Earn Up To 10,000 Satoshis Every 10 Minutes From Our Faucet.

2. Referral Commissions: Earn 5% commissions by referring others to use our faucet; use this addresse:

3. Seniority bonus: Earn Seniority bonus when you maintain the same bitcoin address and use our faucet for (a) 30 days=5% seniority bonus, (b) 60 days=10% (c) 90 days=15 %. Earnings and bonuses can change at anytime depending on the bitcoin market value and our revenue.

Step 3 – Click On The Claim Button To Stake Your Claim. 

4. Payouts Limit/ Payment Threshold: 10,000 Satoshi according to

5. Payout Timing: We send out payment to all Epay addresses once every Sunday if they reach the 10000 satoshis payout limit. However, we can pay more earlier than this if we not having much busy schedules. You should also have it in mind that payment via Epay is not immediately; this is why you have to check your wallet stats constantly to be updated.

6. Claim Timing: 10 minutes.

7. Daily claim limit: At the moment, you can only claim 100 times a day from our faucet per IP Geo Location. Do not try to claim more than this to avoid being banned.

8. Balance Stats: Always check your balance on BITCOINLORDZ & EPAY.INFO

Things To Really take Note Of While Using Coinzones Faucet.

We want to make sure there is a win/win situation between us and our users; the only way to achieve this is through constant communication. Always Read Our Announcements. Use the chat box and comment form to report any issues you have while using the faucet in a friendly and polite manner.

Please help us keep this faucet and the site useful for everyone. We will not tolerate fraudulent users, botting, and any other criminal attempt. we will not hesitate to ban any user with their IPs and wallets suspected of carrying out fraudulent act on our faucet. Do not try to claim more than the stipulated daily limits.

Do not post negative comments on our faucet because we are not here to scam anyone. BITCOINLORDZ has been paying through defunct FAUCETBOX for months thus this faucet is not new in the community. Should there be an issue while using the faucet, be kind enough to contact us with a report so we can check, try to resolve and get back to you in a timely manner. Use the contact form, chat box or comment form to contact us anytime. If your Language is not English, check at the bottom of our site, there you will find a site translator to help you. Any user that makes nasty or negative comments against us without establishing prior contact and get their issues resolved will be banned. Thank you. Click Here To Read Our Faucet Terms Of Use 

Thank You, Happy Faucetting!


  1. cryptocoinlove says:

    Hi there, This is Bitcoinlordz Admin, Bitcoinlordz faucet is almost 2 days old on a new payment system. We detected bots activities since the past 40 hours. We will not payout to bots, I just discovered some claims that were made through botting. Do not waste our time, energy and resources. This is not faucetbox where you could use all sort of criminal efforts to steal from faucet owners. Why we decide to pay every Sunday? Because we will screen every wallet before sending them to epay for payment. It will be almost impossible to earn from us via botting because we will check before payment is made. I repeat, please refrain from botting because it will result in a waste of time for you and for us. Don’t force us to start publishing bot IPs and wallets here. Do us and yourself a favour by putting an end to this now!
    Thank you and happy fauceting.

  2. cryptocoinlove says:

    I don’t know the reason of the attack, but the hacker lunching the attack is just trying to make this faucet useless even to genuine people. Anyways, all claims made on the faucet has been through fraudulent means, I want to remind that no payment shall be made to bots, so if you are botting the faucet, it will all amount in vain attempts because we are monitoring all claims we are only going to push genuine claims to for payment, from our record, there has not being any genuine human claims made, otherwise, please reply to this comment with the wallet address you made claims with and we will post details here to the whole world to see how you made claims with the wallet with screenshot and the hack attempts.

    Please refrain from hurting our faucet. I repeat we will only pay when we are sure real human stake claims. Since yesterday, we have noticed attacks, and attempts to login to our wordpress site by hackers. Our vision is firm, only to promote bitcoin and help others know more about bitcoin, please hackers stay away from our site for good.

  3. Hello bitcoin and cryptocurrency lovers. Once again, we will like to inform every visitors here that we have zero tolerance for hacking, spamming, botting and cheating. Bitcoinlordz is sending out a message to all hackers and spammers out there asking them to refrain from this cruel act because it will serve nothing. You will not get anything from this website by attempting to hack and attack, you will never find a trace to steal away our bitcoin as you did with faucetbox. We are not paying through this faucet, rather we pay manually upon checking all claims that are real and genuine.

    Honestly you will never gain anything by botting, spamming, hacking this website, rather you might only destroy the chance given to genuine people to earn and expand their knowledge in bitcoin and cryptocurrency. So if this be the case, you should know that your efforts to hack this site will be worthless because as I have said, we don’t store any bitcoin here, all payments are made manually and upon screening qualified addresses. There will be no need to even try to earn through hacking please. If your bitcoin address or IP is blocked, before you submit a comment, be informed that both your IP and bitcoin address will be checked; we will check your activities on our site before and after you submit your bitcoin address for claims and we will publish the info or screenshot on the comment section so the whole world will see it. Do not waste our time and yours for it will profit nothing.

    To spammers and hackers again, use your know how to help advance technology, science and computing, this is better than using it to harm innocent people. Our site was under hack attempt for 2 days, after we switched from faucetbox to wordpress fauceting. The best solution for faucet owners is having a faucet where they can control payment by themself. It will help cut spending and monitor cheating.

    Although I have already sent the IPs and hosts where the attacks came from to the bad IPs block list ORG, In few days I might decide to publish them together with their bitcoin addresses to the whole world. This will help other faucet owners.

    We mean no harm to anyone or entity, thus, we ask the spammers and perpetrators to leave our faucet alone.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Bitcoinlordz admin.

  4. The time spent in doing evil is more worth doing good. I don’t just know what the hacker trying to hurt bitcoinlordz is upto. Honestly we don’t know why on earth would someone want to hurt bitcoinlordz. When we say we don’t pay directly through this faucet, we mean it. You will not find any trace of bitcoin being help on this site, so why would you want to harm our site?

    This IP Address: traced to ROMANIA has been trying to login to bitcoinlordz and they have been using all sort of means. Stay away from our faucet please.

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