Faucet Earning Facts

Faucet Earning Facts

How You Earn Commissions

Bitcoin Lordz is absolutely a FREE BITCOIN FAUCET that gives out free satoshi with no string attached! So to ensure that our claim amounts are kept as high as possible, we automatically adjust the rate based on a number of factors including the BTC v USD exchange rate and our advertising revenue.

Referral Commission

When you refer other’s to our faucet, you stand the chance of earning referral commissions for a job well done. Always check the faucet page to know what % of referral commission we are paying at a given time. Have it in mind that this bonus can be adjusted depending on many factors but we will always update all members when there are changes. We have experienced lots of fraudulent acts on our faucet in the past and if this repeat my might suspend it and focus on other reward method that can be monitored and controlled perfectly. Please always check our faucet page for info related to earnings and beacause rewards will always depend on many factors and we don’t want to promise things we can’t do.

Siniority Bonus. 

We are happy to introduce this type of reward system to our loyal members who use the site daily. You earn loyalty if you maintain the same bitcoin address and stake daily claims. Check the faucet page for more details on how you can earn seniority bonus.

How Much Can I Claim From Bitcoinlordz Faucet Site?

This info is on the faucet page. Please check there for more information about earnings and claims.

If you have furthequestionns, do not hesistate to reach us through one of our communication system on the site. We would be pleased to return a mail in due time.

Read For Terms Of Use of our faucet. 

Thank you!

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